Connecting Freight Boundaries
CANIG D2D is a door to door air freight service company based out of Canada and focused on North America to Nigeria route.
Ranked the fastest growing on the North America – Nigeria route, CANIG D2D specializes in providing affordable air cargo pickup and delivery services to all types of clients, whether individuals or corporations.
With our experience in the air freight and logistics industry, added to scalability and innovative solutions, CANIG D2D moves air freight hassle-free, from anywhere in North America to everywhere in Nigeria!
CANIG D2D’s vision is to leverage its knowledge of the industry, unique technology and strategic partnerships to deliver unmatched freight and shipping services focused on client specific needs.

CANIG D2D’s mission is to become the number one choice for freight and shipping services in its target North America – Nigeria markets.

CANIG D2D brings industry best solutions in pickup, packaging, consolidation, air freight, customs clearance and delivery services. With the help of our experienced and highly qualified staff, we have established our status as a credible solution-oriented organization. Whether you are an individual who wants to send cartons full of gifts and items to your loved ones in Nigeria, or a business that wants to export freight from North America to Nigeria, we can assist you in all these situations.

By using our friendly freight calculator, you can determine the amount you have to pay for air freight based on the size, weight, and volume. You can also CHAT LIVE ONLINE with our ever helpful agents. Add safe and secure online payment transactions and CANIG D2D brings affordability and convenience to the big picture.

Our Values

Helping our clients send or receive air freight more conveniently than ever.
CANIG D2D was established with the sole purpose of introducing convenience and comfort in international freight pickup and delivery.
We realize that customers have been on the receiving end of the stick as a result of poor service experience and lack of online consignment tracking. Hence, we gear our services towards the customer and keeping them in the loop throughout the process.
What Makes Us Different
We offer exceptional customer support and convenient consignment tracking. When it comes to efficient and trouble-free custom clearance, there are few if any better than CANIG D2D on the North America – Nigeria route. We give our customers the peace of mind that their packages will be delivered to their destination within the designated timeframe.
Once you give us a call, our team will attend your premises, pickup your freight and give you a tracking number to monitor the status and location of your packages.
For all your international pickup, air freight and delivery needs, CANIG D2D is your one-stop solution connecting boundaries across North America and Nigeria.